Wintersession Highlight! Meet Socrates, the Punk!

Nov. 21, 2022

Rock the Hemlock: Punk Rock and Philosophy 101

Socrates was a punk! In this Wintersession 2023 workshop, we’ll examine the sound, style, and theories behind the punk rock genre, from a philosophical perspective.  Beginning with the “proto-punk” bands of the mid-1970s and moving chronologically into contemporary “post-punk” genres, such as emo and pop-punk, philosophical themes will be assessed.  In this exploration, we’ll use various mediums, such as audio tracks, visual documentation, and written sources.  No experience in either punk or philosophy is necessary and all materials will be provided.

“Move over Joe Strummer, Iggy Pop, and Siouxsie Sioux, the real punk icon was Socrates. Although he was lacking Doc Martens, Socrates embodied the loosely formed punk ethos: corrupt the youth and make uncomfortable noise. Participants in 'Rock the Hemlock' can expect to look and listen beyond the aesthetic of the broadly construed punk/hardcore movement and slam dance into the dissenting ideas and intellectual themes that define the genre. As we experience various punk/hardcore media and mediums, we'll move beyond melodies and power chords to examine what's being said and why. This Wintersession is designed to engage punk/hardcore with the tools of philosophical inquiry.” - Jonathan Finnerty, Instructor and Department of Art & Archaeology Undergraduate Coordinator