The Consortium of Art and Architectural Historians (CAAH) listserv provides a platform for scholars in all fields of art and architectural history to exchange questions and ideas about their research and the discipline.  CAAH was founded by Professor Marilyn Aronberg Lavin in 1991 as the first listserv dedicated to the history of art. Topics of discussion may include:

  • Broad research and theoretical questions
  • Questions of principles and ethics in the field
  • Teaching approaches
  • Bibliographic searches
  • Access to archives and collections
  • Costs of photographs and publication; copyright issues
  • Technology and scholarship
  • Solicitations for participation in colloquia or conferences
  • Announcements of major publications, exhibitions, or other professional news

The list is hosted at Princeton University, with the cooperation of the Department of Art & Archaeology. Membership is international and includes all scholars actively engaged in teaching and research, including graduate students. Civil exchange on topics relevant to the purpose of the list is expected at all times.

Subscribe to CAAH

Send an email to to [email protected] with the following information: name, professional email address, institutional affiliation, professional role (e.g. “faculty,” “graduate student,” “research staff”), field of interest. These details are requested only to protect the list from spammers and commercial postings.

Independent scholars are also welcome and may send a one-sentence summary of their disciplinary interests, along with the city or region where they are based.

The listserv works most smoothly with email addresses that end in .edu, so if you have one of these, please use it. Gmail addresses are usually successful as well, although they may result in slight performance variations.

If you are a current subscriber and wish to change your email address, provide both the current and the desired address to [email protected].

List moderator:
Catherine Fernandez
Art History Specialist, Index of Medieval Art
Department of Art & Archaeology
Princeton University
[email protected]